MOZART is an official name of the solution suite that enables users to construct production planning and scheduling application in high tech industries such as semi-conductor and display panel manufacturing.

It consists of core engines along with pre-built libraries for application construction and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for user customization and SOE (Service Operations Environment) for efficient system management.

MOZART Application Library &
Configuration Tool

MOZART provides specialized pre-built libraries according to manufacturing industries and applications. Its configuration tool helps users construct their own system by choosing models, features and rules to meet their needs with great ease.

(Integrated Development Environment)

MOZART IDE (Integrated Development Environment) helps the user to customize the pre-built model to satisfy their needs.

The user may modify or add new data model and business rules. Its user-friendly components including object-oriented design and debugging functionality facilitate easy and rapid development.

MOZART Engine Library

MOZART has two core engines: simulation engine and optimization engine. The backward and forward planning engines built on top of the core engines are applicable for lot pegging and loading simulation respectively.

(Service Optimization Environment)

MOZART SOE (Service Operations Environment) consists of project manager which manages development documents and schedule, deploy manager which takes charge of version control, and task manager which monitors the task operation status.