MOZART Solution Coverage
MOZART suite covers the entire planning and scheduling process from the reception of customer demands to the execution stage on the shop floor. Planning level applications include MP (Master Planning), FP (Factory Planning) and RTF (Return To Forecast) while execution level applications include APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) and LSE (Loading Simulation Engine).

MOZART MP Master Planning

  • Decide a weekly production target on which sales and manufacturing departments agree
  • Decide product mix for profit maximization and allocate target quantity according to production sites

MOZART FP Factory Planning

  • Determine daily FAB in and out plan which meets the weekly target
  • Consider production capacity and constraints, synchronize the plan between factories of production flow, and allocate balanced production quantity between lines

MOZART RTF Return To Forecast

  • Provide the progress of each demand and generate step target through demand and lot pegging
  • Perform lot pegging with demand-lot mapping constraints, down binnig & kitting, soft & hard pegging

MOZART APS Advanced Planning & Scheduling

  • Generate tool schedule in order to meet each step targets and maximize FAB productivity
  • Generate release plan and tool allocation considering production constraints including capacity and setup crew

MOZART LSE Loading Simulation Engine

  • What-if simulator which estimates moving and WIP trend
  • Analyze bottleneck and run down, compare with simulation results, and provide batch simulation