VMS attends 2015 ISMI in Daejeon, South Korea

VMS Solutions attended the 2015 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence (ISMI) as sponsor and participant. The 2015 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence (ISMI2015) aims to provide a platform to foster the exchange of research developments and latest practice on automation science & engineering, operations research, evolutionary algorithms, data mining, manufacturing informatics, and decision analysis for semiconductor manufacturing intelligence to enhance collaborations to address critical research and industrial issues. It was an opportunity for VMS Solutions to connect with attendees over a three day event. They announced the topic ‘Applications of order lot pegging-system for semiconductor manufacturing’ with Prof. June Y. Bang, Byoung K. Choi. Presented in the paper is a return-to-forecast evaluation and CPFR strategy with the order-lot pegging system for the semiconductor manufacturing. And Then, They had time to introduce VMS Solutions at dinner time. The announcement contained an video filled with a variety of activities of the Company and its employees as a brief that goes to dinner. Participants who attended the 2015 ISMI were very interesting. The conference was very successful. It was great to connect with our academic and commercial customers and meet new potential ones.


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